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Bridgeland Medical Building, 803 1st Ave. NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 7C5
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Phone: 403-262-2557
Fax: 403-263-4617


imageServing the community with quality medical supplies, prescription medication and pharmacy services…

From the start, we’ve always made it a point to put the satisfaction of our customers at the highest of our priorities. Cross Bridge Pharmacy is widely known to offer the best products at the most affordable prices. We believe that the combination of quality and affordability is the best way we can achieve the satisfaction of our customers – making them loyal patrons of our pharmacy today and for many years to come.

  • Prescriptions
    Prescription medication refills, auto refill program, prescription transfers
  • Free delivery
    No charge for delivery of orders to customers and/or health care providers within our service area. Please call ahead to inquire if free delivery services are available in your location.
  • Immunizations
    Flu shots, Hepatitis A/B Vaccine, Pneumococcal Vaccine, Zostavax, Typhoid
  • Compounding
    Pain Management, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Dermatology, Discontinued Commercial Medications
  • Home Healthcare
    Prescription medication refills for home health care clients, medical supplies and health care equipment
  • Vitamins
    Food Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Energy Boosters, Stress Management
  • Generic Plan
    Affordable generic plans to counterpart brand name medications; 30-day, 60-day and 90-day supplies of generic medications
  • Special Packaging
    Large label vials, group packaging, blister packs, travel containers, child-proof containers
  • Medical Supplies
    Mobility assistive devices, diabetic care, maternity products, health monitoring equipment
  • Pharmacist Consultations
    Private and confidential consultations with pharmacist upon request
  • Allergy service from Dermasilk
    Allergy is a condition where certain things do not agree with the body and human immune system reacts. Almost every human being is allergic to something or other which can be easily found out through Allergy service from Dermasilk in Calgary and can save you much pain and complication.
  • Therapeutic clothing
    It may come out as a shock, but even clothes can have therapeutic effect on a patient and can be used for the treatment. Such clothes are not available at the local shopping mall or apparel store, because they are special. With us, having Therapeutic clothing in Calgary has become easy.
  • Allergy products
    For the people who are allergic to different products and items, special things are made without that particular ingredient. For instance, someone who is allergic to egg but loves cake, can east eggless cake. The Allergy products in Calgary offer such a freedom to these people.

We will be glad to hear from you. How can we serve you today? Please give us a call at 403-262-2557. Our friendly staff will be happy to address your health care needs.

Thank you for making Cross Bridge Pharmacy as your drug store of choice.